Lacey Grand Opening

Kaboom! Where there once was a Lacey Green Room & heating branch, there is now also a full Pacific Plumbing Branch!

Our Lacey branch now carries plumbing and heating products. To help spread the word, we held 4 days of events, drawing in crowds from the south sound.  After expanding into the warehouse next door, Lacey’s capacity grew from 11,000 sf to 18,000 sf!


With this added space, the Lacey Branch is now able to service the entire I-5 South corridor from Tacoma to Portland and beyond! New signage and storefront plans are currently being worked out, but we’re open for business, and life is good. Come down and visit the Lacey crew when you get the chance!


About Pacific Plumbing Supply Company 

Pacific Plumbing Supply Co, LLC. is a wholesale plumbing distributor based in Seattle, Washington and established in 1949. The company distributes plumbing, PVF, radiant/hydronic, commercial and luxury plumbing products through its 17 locations in Washington, Alaska and Montana.

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